Drop in Groups

Our partners, Woking Mind and Shifa, run the following drop in groups from CornerHouse:


Woking Mind & ‘Lift Up’ Social Drop In Group

The group is affiliated to Mind, the national mental health charity, providing support, friendship and help to people who live in the Borough of Woking, and who experience difficulty with their mental health.

Woking Mind offer social activities, a walking group, a football club, discussion and creative writing group, gardening project, exercise class and drop-in groups.

For further information please visit www.wokingmind.org.uk



Shifa (Asian Women Wellbeing Project)

Meeting the needs of South Asian women by raising awareness and understanding of their issues. Shifa offers ESOL lessons, Living Life in the UK classes, outings, fitness, exercise and personal development projects.


For further information please visit www.shifa-woking.org.uk