Zoe raises £760 for CornerHouse!

- , 09/09/2018, Farnham

Zoe (middle) has raised an amazing £760 for CornerHouse by running the Farnham Pilgrim Half Marathon on 9th September.


Zoe has suffered with M.E and fibromyalgia over the last few years, which has affected her both physically and mentally. However she was inspired by a documentary called MIND OVER MARATHON and since June 2017 started running regularly. Zoe decided to support a local mental health charity and said, “running has had a huge impact on my mental and physical health, and I would very much like to encourage others and to give back”. “The run was REALLY challenging for me, as it’s off road, through fields and up and down sandy hills. I never would have thought this possible; if I can do this anyone can!”.


The fact that Zoe chose CornerHouse to support means a lot to all the CornerHouse staff and it was great to meet her earlier this week; we were struck by her determination, amazing personality and immense generosity. She certainly is an inspirational lady… additionally she has raised an enormous £760 which will certainly go a very long way in supporting our clients.


Thank you so much to Zoe and to everyone who supported both her and CornerHouse. It means a lot to all of us, and in Zoe’s words, “without the support from services and charities like CornerHouse where would we be!?”.


To read more and to support Zoe you can still do so by clicking here: www.cornerhouse.cc/events/zoe-runs-farnham-pilgrim-1-2-marathon-for-cornerhouse

Thank you.