Update about CornerHouse support

- , 01/04/2018, CornerHouse

Over the next few weeks and months you may notice a few changes to the support offered by CornerHouse.

Firstly:  Please don’t worry!
We aren’t going anywhere, we are just adding opportunities for people.


We are enhancing our much-loved self-help and support groups.

Each of our support groups will now have an added element of a learning / educational programme which will be integrated into the support group that you know and love.

In each session we will work with you to:

  • increase your understanding of common mental health / wellbeing problems
  • consider what you can do about them and
  • look at how you can improve your mental health.

Providing you with tools and strategies to improve your day to day sense of wellbeing and improve your coping skills.


Remember that we said ‘don’t worry’!

We still believe in the power of the shared experience.  So the value of coming together with others who’ve actually experienced similar problems to you, with those who understand what you are going through, will still underpin everything we do.  In fact many of you will probably not notice much of a difference – Phew!


Why make any changes?

These changes are being made at the request of the people who fund CornerHouse, so it is important that we find creative ways to meet your needs as well as continue to satisfy our funders.


Your feedback is important to us:

We are planning a couple of ‘share your views’ sessions where you will be able to meet with staff and managers from CornerHouse.  These will take place in July.  We will send out details nearer the time.